Benefits Of Exercise For Seniors

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We have stated some exercise benefits on our about page and this week we will be sharing an even bigger list of the many benefits you can get from exercising! Getting fitter is great and as you make progress you get so much satisfaction, it’s a wonderful feeling. Take a look below and you will see why exercise is so important 🙂

Physical Benefits:

  1. Reduced body fat
  2. Favourable energy balance
  3. Maintenance or increased bone density
  4. Increases fat free mass

Muscular Benefits:

  1. Improved muscle strength, endurance and power
  2. Improved balance, coordination and reaction times
  3. .Reduces sarcopenia
  4. Hypertrophy
  5. Greater active motor units
  6. Reduces risk of musculoskeletal disorders

Skeletal Benefits:

  1. Maintains or increases BMD (bone mass density)
  2. Slows age-related decline of BMD
  3. Improved posture
  4. Fewer incidences of back pain
  5. Increased joint stability
  6. increases red and white blood cell production

Cardiorespiratory Benefits: 

  1. Improved heart and lung functions
  2. Improved myocardial performance
  3. Increased heart muscle contractility
  4. Improved blood cholesterol profile
  5. Reduces premature ventricular contractions
  6. Increased peak diastolic filling
  7. Increased aerobic capacity
  8. Reduces systolic blood pressure
  9. improves diastolic blood pressure
  10. Increases blood HDL Cholesterol
  11. Reduces LDL (low density lipoproteins)
  12. Decreased blood triglycerides

Neural Benefits:

  1. Increased motor unit recruitment
  2. Higher neurotransmitter concentration
  3. Fewer never cells die

Motor Skill Benefits:

  1. Increases mobility
  2. Increases reaction time
  3. Reduces the risk of falls
  4. Improved balance and coordination

Metabolic Benefits:

  1. Weight management
  2. Favourable energy balance
  3. Increased fat oxidation
  4. Improves insulin sensitivity of tissues

Cognitive Benefits:

  1. Improves cognition
  2. Improves sleep
  3. Improves interest in sexual activity
  4. Increases speed of movement
  5. Increased decision making
  6. Improved perceived well being and happiness
  7. Improves levels of serotonin and catecholamines

If you’ve  just read through the list of benefits you’ve probably got a better idea why it can be so beneficial to exercise. Not only do you feel better about yourself after completing a session or workout, but there are so many other health and fitness benefits you’ll be getting too! We hope you’ve enjoyed reading. More blog articles will be added to our website over the next few days 🙂

Have a great day and be sure to keep active! Any exercise or activities you do are better than nothing and we are sure you’ll be seeing benefits in no time!


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